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Nov 18, 2018

Rob’s trying to refute a published finding and Jeff is still hanging on to an authorship shuffle from over 15 years ago.  Arsenate can naturally build up to 3mM and some authors are publishing an unfair number of papers.

Felisa Wolfe Simon’s 2010 Science paper (here)

2018 Astrobiology paper that cites the Wolfe paper without qualification (here)

2018 Chemistry (European Journal) paper that cites Wolf paper without qualification (here)

Felisa Wolfe-Simon’s web page (here)

Natural arsenate levels in the deserts of eastern California and Nevada can be ~3mM (here)

Rosemary Redfield’s blog (here)

Sep 12, 2018 Nature Comment - “Thousands of scientists publish a paper every 5 days” (here)

International Committee of Medical Journal Editors policy on authorship (here)

Galadriel Mirkwood, the dog who helped write a paper (here)

Note - Galadriel lived in Lothlorien, which is across the Anduin and separate from Mirkwood

Lack of sleep erodes your blood-brain-barrier (here)

Dr. Arnold J. Berk, still going strong (here)