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Just what you've been searching for: two nerds drinking and talking about science!  If you like what you hear, rate us on your Tricorder, iTunes, Spotify, Sticher or whatever other electricomagical-ray receiving device you use.  If you want to support the show with a buck a month, visit our Patreon page.  Send us an email at, we'd love to hear from you!  Thanks for listening!

Dec 30, 2020

Probably not, but that shouldn't change what you are doing now.

Nextstrain Twitter (here)

This Week in Virology (here)

Dec 27, 2020

What's in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine and why is a third of the population fatigued?


Dragon’s Milk,  New Holland (here)

Eye of the Storm Sitra, Jersey Cyclone Brewing (here)

1798 Brewery Okracoke (here)


Pfizer FDA EUA briefing document (here)

Moderna FDA EUA briefing document (here)


Dec 19, 2020

The answer might surprise us.

Pfizer FDA EUA briefing document: link

Pfizer FDA EUA meeting: link

Moderna FDA EUA briefing document: link

Moderna FDA EUA meeting: link


Dec 15, 2020

Just a short little episode to let you know we are back.  We think.

An Exploration of the Structure of Effective Apologies (link) - Paywall.... sorry?

Aug 15, 2020


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